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Building the FireBreath Plugin

For more info on Mac specific details, see Mac Plugins.

See Also: FireBreath Tips: Working with Source Control


  • CMake version 2.8.8 or later, from
    • Make sure to grab the Binary distribution (cmake-ver-Darwin[64]-universal.dmg).  
  • Apple's Xcode, available from your Mac App Store.
  • Xcode's Command-Line Tools.  To get these, first install Xcode.  Then launch Xcode and click in the menu: Xcode ▸ Preferences ▸ Downloads. Select "Command Line Tools" and press 'Install'.
  • Git (if you want to check out from source):

Get the source

First thing is first; get the source code.

To get a copy of the source, see the download page.

Generate the example project files

To generate the project files execute:

  • examples

The project build files will all be generated into the buildex/ directory under the project root.

If an error is indicated or if cmake crashes, this may be due to CMake Bug 13463.  If the bug has not been fixed yet, use the workaround is given in Step 5 of that bug's Steps to Reproduce which is better explained in this post.

Generate your own project files

If you have created your own project in the projects/ directory, you can build it by running the same command as for example projects, but without "examples".

To generate the project build files:


The project build files will all be generated into the build/ directory under the project root - this only has to be done after either adding or generating another FireBreath project.

Don't forget to check the Prep Scripts page if you want to build for specific CPU architectures or against different SDKs.

Build the Plugin

The Xcode Projects

As alluded to in the general overview, if you have N plug-in projects in your projects/ directory, running will create N+1 Xcode projects.  That is, for each of your plugin projects, you'll get a single-plugin Xcode project, and you'll also get a combined Xcode project, in which each plugin project is a Bundle Target.  The single-plugin projects are nicer to look at in the IDE, but they have only one real Target (the plugin bundle) and do not make a reference to nor have a dependency set upon the half-dozen FireBreath and Boost libraries, even though in fact they do depend on them.  The Firebreath and Boost libraries are only built by the combined Xcode project, which has proper dependencies set within it.  Therefore, you must build the combined project first, in all desired configurations, before building any of the single-plugin projects.  And unless you're one of those people who can track project dependencies in their head for months and years, it's probably safer to use the combined project for all purposes.

Using xcodemake

The example plugin can be built by changing to the directory buildex/ and executing:


To build your own plugin project (using the combined Xcode project), change to the directory build/ and execute:


Using Xcode IDE

Open the combined project with Xcode:

  • buildex/FireBreath.xcodeproj for the examples
  • build/FireBreath.xcodeproj for your own projects

From there you can either build all projects (ALL_BUILD) or specific plugin targets.

Make the plugin accessible to browsers

You have the option making the plugin available to all users or to simply install it for the local user only. Unless there is a good reason for it, install it for the current user only.

Installing a plugin for the current user

To install a plugin for only the currently logged in user, symlink the <Plugin Bundle> to ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

ln -s buildex/projects/FBTestPlugin/Debug/FBTestPlugin.plugin ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/

Installing a plugin for all users

To make a plugin globally available to all users, symlink the <Plugin Bundle> to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins

ln -s buildex/projects/FBTestPlugin/Debug/FBTestPlugin.plugin /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/

Open in your browser and play with it

Open the file buildex/projects/FBTestPlugin/gen/FBControl.htm in your preferred browser

Use Jash or firebug (or whatever) to make calls on the plugin. For supported calls, check out projects/TemplatePlugin/MathAPI.cpp.

A few JS commands to try:

plugin().echo("echo this string!")
"Echoing: echo this string!"


  1. Unknown User (hobbes)

    Firebreath doesn work  with XCODE 4 and MACOSX Lion 10.7. it seems that this source code only works with old releases of that software. any idea about it?

    1. Xcode 4.2 has changed its default compiler and the new one has compatibility issues with the main function that was needed on older versions of Firefox. In FireBreath 1.6.0 final the main function has been removed in order to resolve the incompatibility.

      In short, you are on an old version of FireBreath; updating should solve your problem.  Also, this is not a good place to report bugs – there is jira, irc, google groups, stackoverflow, and the irc room for that. The wiki is for documentation.

  2. Unknown User (brightshiny)

    I ran into two problems compiling via for FireBreath 1.6 on Lion (10.7.3) and here's what I did to solve them.  Maybe these belong in the FAQ?


    • Compilation failed because CoreServices/CoreServices.r could not be found – You need Xcode command line tools.  It's a downloadable component (Xcode Options - Downloads) in 4.3.  It can be downloaded separately for 4.2:
    • CMake failed via segmentation fault – cmake 2.8.7 fails, cmake 2.8.8 works.


    1. Absolutely. Feel free to put it there!

      1. Unknown User (brightshiny)

  3. I would like to add some details to the symlink commands.

    The path to the foo.plugin directory must be absolute.

    The link itself must end in ".plugin" 


    sudo ln -s /Users/jshanab/archiver/src/FireBreathPlugin/build/projects/GlfwGears/Debug/GlfwGears.plugin /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/GlfwGears.plugin

  4. Unknown User (sincerekamal)

    Hi All,

      I had tried installing the generated FBTestPlugin.plugin using the above tutorial in my Mac 10.10(Yosemite). But it was not working. Not even installed. Could any one help me on this ?


    And one more issue is, I could able to build FBTestPlugin only, I couldn't able to build BasicMediaPlayer since it throws lots of errors and warnings.