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Build FireBreath using a free windows compiler!

As of FireBreath 1.4 beta 1, FireBreath can be built using Visual C++ Express edition!

1. Download Visual Studio Express Edition

2. Download the freely available Windows Driver Kit (7.1 or later) from Microsoft

You can mount the ISO file with Virtual Clone Drive or extract it with 7-zip.

3. Install the WDK and select the "Build Environments" option

  • This will install the ATL and MFC header and lib files. ATL is a requirement for FireBreath on windows. Make sure to install this in the default location so that FireBreath can find it

4. For VS Express 2010

If you are using an older version of FireBreath, this post by scjohn may be useful for you. Note that FireBreath 1.4 beta 1 and later these steps are no longer needed!

Build FireBreath

Now the regular firebreath instructions should work!

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  1. The Property Manager item below the View menu is enabled only in export mode. Expert mode can be enabled in menu Tools -> Settings.