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Help us out!

FireBreath is growing fast, but there is plenty to do! If you would like to help but don't know how, pop into the IRC room and we'll give you some suggestions! One good way to help out is to help keep the documentation up to date!

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Get the source

FireBreath source is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to fork the repository and make your own changes!

Get in touch with us

If you're interested in contributing, you may want to check with the other developers to see if the feature you're interested in is already in the works.  There are two good ways to do that:

Getting in touch via IRC

Most of the core developers can be found in the #firebreath channel on  You can also look at the channel logs.

Join the firebreath-dev google group

The next best way to get in touch with us (or the best way if we're not around on IRC) is to join the FireBreath Google Group:

Post on the FireBreath forums

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