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Packaged examples

FireBreath comes with two example projects that you can look at to get an idea of the power of FireBreath and how things work. They are located in the examples directory of the source tree. Find out how to build them on your platform here: Building FireBreath Plugins.

  • FBTestPlugin - This plugin is used primarily to help prevent regressions in past versions.
    • After building and installing FBTestPlugin, open examples/FBTestPlugin/test.html in your favorite web browser to see the tests run.
  • BasicMediaPlayer - This project is no longer actively maintained but still provides a good example of what the beginnings of a media player looks like.
    • Only builds on Windows and Mac
    • Only "fully functional" on windows so far -- feel free to help us build this example out!

Open Source examples

IndexedDB - Indexed Database API W3C Draft Implementation

Originally created by Brandon Hayes IndexedDB has been partially adopted by the FireBreath community as a fabulous example of the power of FireBreath in general, JSAPI in particular. This example has probably the most elaborate JavaScript API of any FireBreath project written and is an amazing example of the power and flexibility the FireBreath provides.

Currently builds only on Windows, but adding support for Mac and Linux should be trivial, if someone wants to take the time to do so.

Project Home Page
Current Source

FBAXExample updated for version 1.7.0 - FireBreath ActiveX wrapper example

Written by Peter Schellenbach, FBAXExample provides an example of wrapping an ActiveX/OLE control in a FireBreath plugin. Obviously, this example works only on Windows =]. Updated example works with FireBreath 1.7.0 and includes two versions of the plugin. One version, like the original example, runs the wrapped ActiveX control in the same thread as the plugin. A second version spawns a worker thread which runs the wrapped ActiveX control. This example includes html files showing how javascript can set & get properties of the wrapped ActiveX control as well as respond to events from the control.

FireBreath fork of project Home page and source (original FBAXExample project)

Updated FBAXExample project for FireBreath 1.7.0

gpgAuth web client

The gpgAuth web client uses FireBreath for communicating with GnuPG in Linux, Mac and Windows.

gpgAuth is an authentication mechanism which uses GnuPG/PGP signatures and encrypted tokens for authentication. Development is targeted at all major platforms and browsers - a lofty goal that would be nearly impossible without FireBreath. Using FireBreath to bridge the gap between the browser and the system libraries saved us thousands of hours and further allows us to focus on the UI, logic and overall user experience of our project.

Project Home

Current Source


Created at the Guardian SXSW hackday by the guys at Spotify, Gazify uses libspotify and OpenGazer to track the reader's gaze on a marked-up article and play back different music for every paragraph on it.

Very cool use of FireBreath, and open source!

Project write-up

Current Source


Get joystick access in JavaScript. Built by bundling OIS to provide native support for up to 8 joysticks to JavaScript and HTML5 applications. Currently only tested in Linux, but thanks to FireBreath, with some minor tweaks, it should work just fine on Windows and OSX.

Github Project

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