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FireBreath is a framework that allows easy creation of powerful browser plugins. A plugin built on FireBreath works as an NPAPI plugin or as an ActiveX control (windows only) and support could be added for other plugin types built in C++ as well. Read about our project for details, or read below to get started quickly!


Note that development on FireBreath 1.x is limited to bug fixes only; the FireBreath 2.0 branch needs a lot of support, so please help out where you can!

Getting Started with FireBreath 1.x

Welcome to all potential new users! Feel free to look around, read about our project, and enjoy a world where creating browser plugins is actually easy.

Resources most likely to be of use to new users:

NOTE: All documentation on this website is in Wiki format and can be edited by any user! If the docs aren't clear, please help us fix them!

If you find FireBreath to be useful, please help defray our server costs and support development! (While large sums are appreciated, even very small donations go a long way!) Another good way to support FireBreath development is to purchase reference material recommended by the FireBreath team.

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Project Sponsors

Please take a minute to visit our sponsors! These are companies or projects that have contributed significantly to FireBreath either monetarily, with code, or with experience. These organizations are also using FireBreath in some way.


GradeCam employs the primary developer of FireBreath (Richard) and allows him to work on FireBreath when there aren't fires to put out for them. GradeCam has some really amazing technology that is hosted in a FireBreath plugin that is changing the way that teachers get feedback from students in the classroom.

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  1. the iPad does not support web browser plugins of any sort; therefore, FireBreath does not (and like will not ever) work on iOS in any capacity. Others have gotten around this to an extent by using a UIWebView capable of calling a limited set of functionality into native code; see phonecap source for examples of how to do this.

    On Android NPAPI plugins are supported and it would be theoretically possible to make firebreath work on android. However, nobody has done this yet. You're welcome to become the first, 'cause FireBreath is completely open source!

  2. This is not the place to ask questions; to ask a question about FireBreath, use one of the following: