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Projects using FireBreath

This is a list of projects from who we know that they are using FireBreath. If your project uses FireBreath, please add a link here! If it's open source, please include a link to the source code! Note that there are no restrictions as to what plugins can be linked; please keep it tasteful and work-safe, but mainly this page is intended to help users considering FireBreath see what companies and projects are using FireBreath.

For those who are trying to determine how mature FireBreath is, please remember that most companies using FireBreath either don't want to add a link here or don't get around to it, so there are a lot more than are listed; hopefully this list will still grow to include a helpful sample.


"Implementation of the Indexed Database API working draft as proposed by the W3C Web Applications Working Group."

This project has probably the most complex JSAPI object model of any plugin (possibly anywhere). The project was written originally using FireBreath 1.1, but you can find a port on GitHub that should build with the latest (we have partially adopted this project as an example plugin). Please note that this project is only licensed under the LGPL license and not the BSD license like the rest of FireBreath.

project home


"Linphone-js is browser plugin (based on FireBreath) which provides the linphone core api to JavaScript, and thus makes it possible to implement VoIP client in html+css+javascript."

project home


Dipito Personal Search will allow you to fulltext search your browsing history and bookmarks. To enable this service you must install a free plugin.

project home

Kaleidoscope Games

FireBreath is a critical component in Kaleidoscope Games Ltd's current project. It saved us months of development time and allows us to combine the best of native and web programming.

company home


Mogotest is a great new service for Web developers that can detect cross-browser render differences on multiple browsers and operating systems. It utilizes a FireBreath plugin behind the scenes for taking snapshots of rendered web pages

company home


MonocleGL is a hardware accelerated drawing surface programmable in JavaScript. It is currently used as a way of delivering interactive educational demos in a classroom setting. MonocleGL was built with FireBreath, we owe a great deal of thanks to Richard & the team!

company home


The Surfulater Chrome Browser Extension uses Firebreath to communicate between the Extension and our Desktop Application, Surfulater.

Surfulater enables information to be captured from the web and other Windows applications, edited, tagged, searched, organized into folders, cross-referenced etc. Surfulater is a powerful Knowledge creation and reuse tool and greatly assists anyone who is serious about research.

We also plan to update our Firefox Extension and possible IE to use Firebreath. We are also interested in other possible uses of Firebreath, including outside of the browser. Firebreath considerably simplifies browser add-on creation, which is otherwise a very painful process. Kudos to the developers.

company home

company blog

gpgAuth web client

The gpgAuth web client uses FireBreath for communicating with GnuPG in Linux, Mac and Windows.

gpgAuth is an authentication mechanism which uses GnuPG/PGP signatures and encrypted tokens for authentication. Development is targeted at all major platforms and browsers - a lofty goal that would be nearly impossible without FireBreath. Using FireBreath to bridge the gap between the browser and the system libraries saved us thousands of hours and further allows us to focus on the UI, logic and overall user experience of our project.

project website (most up to date)

TalkTalk DigitalHome Plug-in

TalkTalk (the UK's second largest ISP) are using FireBreath framework to create a self-service browser support tool.

As a proof of concept (released in December 2010) the initial functionality is limited to some specific functionality on Windows based browsers, with additional functionality and platform support in development/testing.

Example on the Wireless support page:

DNSSEC Validator

The DNSSEC Validator uses FireBreath for communication with the C validating library.

DNSSEC Validator is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which allows you to check the existence and validity of DNSSEC DNS records for domain names in the address of the page currently displayed in your browser window. The result of this check is displayed using colour keys and information texts in the page’s address bar.

project home

company home


GradeCam has built an innovative solution for grading assignments and tests in the classroom using a webcam or USB camera on the teacher's machine as well as integration of that grading into the teacher's existing gradebooks. GradeCam's technology is supplemented by plugin built on FireBreath and is in use in many classrooms today.

company home


The Amazon MP3 Downloader contains a plugin which according to the Readme.html file was developed using FireBreath.

project home


According to the release notes, the Wacom browser plugin for their pen tablets is built using FireBreath.

Release Notes


Ispikit uses speech technologies to help English learners practice and assess their pronunciation. It is available on mobile devices and in the web browser, using a browser plug-in built with FireBreath. The Ispikit widget can be integrated in any website, and adapted with any website design and English curriculum.



Dream Multimedia

Dream Multimedia uses a firebreath-based NPAPI Plugin for implementing HBBTV on their Linux based DVB Set-Top-Boxes (known as Dreamboxes).
The Browser that's being used is based on QtWebkit with some patches to enable NPAPI with "pseudo windows" on an embedded platform without X11 available.

Dream Multimedia

Basic NPAPI Patch for embedded QtWebkit 4.8.1 (no drawing, target area will be cleared though) 


AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition

AccuTerm Internet Edition is a telnet / ssh client based on a FireBreath plugin. This version supports most of the features of the desktop version of AccuTerm, but runs in a browser window. AccuTerm Internet Edition allows companies to provide access to terminal-based (legacy) applications over the Internet with no changes to their application.

AccuTerm 7 Internet Edition


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