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These are the pages most likely to be useful when you're trying to get your first plugin built and figure out the general workflow of FireBreath.

How to proceed

Most FireBreath users will want to jump right in and start developing something; to do that, skim to the bottom of this page and look at "Creating a new project" and "Building FireBreath Plugins". However, when you do that and you hit a point where you need help, READ THIS PAGE FIRST!

To learn how to use FireBreath, you should definitely:

If on the way you encounter a problem you cannot solve using the above resources, then:

All the while remember:

  • If you have a question about Boost/CMake/CoreAnimation/…, you should probably read Boost/CMake/CoreAnimation/… docs.
  • If you receive useful information not yet on this website (it's a wiki), please add it so others can profit from it as well.

Creating a new project

Building FireBreath Plugins

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