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  1. Don't ask to ask. Just ask.
  2. It may take several hours for someone to read your question and help you. Be patient.
  3. If you always use the same nickname, we can leave you messages in the channel.
  4. There are also the logs, the mailing list and StackOverflow (use the firebreath tag).

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  1. I've written a plugin, in which there is a property, m_myarray, which is a read-only array of MyObj objects.  On creation of the plugin, I've created the array, and can access the objects through javascript.  Only problem is that this list is prone to change, and I need to keep it updated.


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    1. There are several places where you can request detailed support for a specific problem with a FireBreath plugin.  This is not one of them.

      Please try the google group firebreath-dev or perhaps stackoverflow.  Both of those places would be appropriate.

  2. at present (2016-Apr-14), latest FireBreath (2.0) does not support ppapi? Thanks!

    1. Information on how PPAPI doesn't do what you think it does and isn't possible to support can be found here: FireBreath 2.0: Browser Plugins in a post-NPAPI world 

  3. xhf

    I've written a plugin,add a simple function by myself,it can run on IE or chrome,but can not on firefox,error:TypeError: plugin1.add is not a function

  4. I've already created a project and builded it. In build/bin/fbpro/debug, there is a npfbpro.dll, I register it. I tested build/projects/fbpro/gen/fbcontrol.html in firefox, it works well, but when I try to test it on IE8, it failed. It alert "plugin is not working". Does someone knows why? What need i do to make it work on IE8? Thank you very much for your attention