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void FB::BrowserStreamRequest::setEventSink ( const PluginEventSinkPtr &  ptr)

To use a PluginEventSink such as DefaultBrowserStreamHandler or a derivative call this method to specify the object that should be attached to the stream as an observer.

This method cannot be used with setCallback. One or the other must be called or the request will be ignored. If you need to receive data as it comes from the browser or a really large file, use this method. If you just want to be notified when the download completes and receive a byte buffer with the output data, use setCallback.

ptrconst PluginEventSinkPtr & observer for the stream object

Definition at line 187 of file BrowserStreamRequest.h.

Referenced by FB::BrowserHost::createPostStream(), and FB::BrowserHost::createStream().

187 { sinkPtr = ptr; accepted = true; }
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