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void FB::BrowserHost::htmlLog ( const std::string &  str)

Sends a log message to the containing web page using Console.log (firebug)

strThe log message to send to the browser.

Definition at line 100 of file BrowserHost.cpp.

References AsyncHtmlLog().

101 {
102  FBLOG_INFO("BrowserHost", "Logging to HTML: " << str);
103  if (m_htmlLogEnabled) {
104  try {
106  new FB::AsyncLogRequest(shared_from_this(), str));
107  } catch (const std::exception&) {
108  // This fails during shutdown; ignore it
109  }
110  }
111 }
static void AsyncHtmlLog(void *data)
Don't call this; it is a helper function used by htmlLog.
This class is used by BrowserHost for the BrowserHost::AsyncHtmlLog method.
Definition: BrowserHost.h:46
bool ScheduleAsyncCall(void(*func)(void *), void *userData) const
Schedule asynchronous call to be executed on the main thread.

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