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FB::detail::VariantListInserter FB::variant_list_of ( FB::variant  v)

Allows convenient creation of an FB::VariantList.

A helper type that overloads operator() for insertion and is convertible to FB::VariantList.


FireEvent("randomDiceRoll", FB::variant_list_of(4));

Definition at line 122 of file variant_list.h.

Referenced by FB::DOM::Window::alert(), FB::BrowserHost::AsyncHtmlLog(), FB::DOM::Document::createElement(), FB::BrowserHost::delayedInvoke(), FB::DOM::Element::getElementById(), FB::DOM::Element::getElementsByTagName(), and FB::PluginCore::setReady().

123  {
124  return FB::detail::VariantListInserter(v);
125  }
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