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  • What it is:
    • js-ctypes allows application and extension code to call back and forth to native code written in C. Basically it allows you to call into a DLL or similar from your javascript extension.
    • The probable method of using this would be to create an analogue for Google Native Messaging that works in Firefox
  • Pros:
    • Allows calling native code from a Mozilla add-on without using NPAPI
    • Libraries may be included in the add-on bundle or located on the host system
    • Supports Javascript callbacks
  • Cons:
    • Only works on Mozilla products (Firefox/Thunderbird)
    • Requires shims for executing C++ methods
    • Life-cycle of library is objects initialized within the "shims" is per method execution (deconstructor for objects is called after each method execution)
    • Requires shims for executing C++ methods
    • No support for large chunks of binary data
    • No drawing support