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These are items that either have no documentation and need documentation to be written for them or have documentation that is either out of date or seriously needs to be expanded.  If you have requests, feel free to add them.  Anyone can edit the wiki, so if you know how any of these things work please add docs for them!

Note that all of these things are / should be features that are actually present in at least the latest development trunk!

FireBreath Core

  • Logging abstraction - no docs currently
    • Both usage and creating your own log endpoint
  • CMake usage - poor documentation
  • JSAPI Security zones - little / no documentation
  • JSAPIProxy object - no documentation
  • FireBreath utilties - insufficient documentation
    • Unicode support (FB::utf8_to_wstring and FB::wstring_to_utf8)
    • SafeQueue class
    • others
  • Code signing support on Windows - no documentation
  • WiX integration - insufficient documentation
  • Supporting multiple mimetypes and/or plugins in a single firebreath project (and file) - no documentation

FireBreath Libraries

  • openssl support - no docs
  • Creating a FireBreath Library - no docs
  • HTTPService - no docs
    • Both for HttpClient which uses libcurl and openssl and HTTPService itself which is an embedded web server