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Debugging on Windows is straightforward. Open the browser and Visual Studio. To debug your plugin simply go to "Debug->Attach to Process", and from the process list select the executable you want to debug (e.g. "firefox.exe"). In Firefox4 the plugins are running in a separated process called "plugin-container.exe".


It is actually possible to tell IE8 to only use a single process, thus making it much easier to debug FireBreath plugins in IE8.  You do this by creating the following registry key:

Code Block

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]


With Safari 5.1 (maybe other version) on windows, you must attach your debugger to the process named: WebKit2ebProcess.exe


The first and most important tip for debugging plugins on Mac is to turn off lazy loading of symbols in Xcode settings. To do this:


  1. Launch Chrome with --plugin-startup-dialog
  2. Go to test page that loads your plugin
  3. Look for the log message with the PID of the plugin process
  4. Attach to that process from Xcode (or command-line gdb).


Safari 32 bit is easy to debug. You can easily find instructions on how to put Safari in 32 bit mode. Debugging in 64 bit mode is a little harder, since it launches the plugin in a different process.