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About FireBreath

FireBreath aims to be a cross-platform plugin architecture, targeting:

  • NPAPI browsers on windows, mac, and linux:
    • Gecko/Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari
    • Opera (usually)
  • ActiveX Control hosts:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8

FireBreath is licensed under a dual license structure; this means you can choose which of two licenses to use it under. FireBreath can be used under the New BSD license or the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1.

If you find FireBreath to be useful, please help defray our server costs and support development!

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Getting Started

Take a look at the Documentation links on the left side, but the best place to start if you are new is with Creating A New Plugin Project

Project Sponsors

Please take a minute to visit our sponsors! These are companies or projects that have contributed significantly to FireBreath either monetarily, with code, or with experience. These organizations are also using FireBreath in some way.


Richard Bateman, the current project manager and primary developer of FireBreath, is employed by and working on a FireBreath plugin for Facebook who has donated a lot of code and features to the project.


Mogotest is a great new service for Web developers that can detect cross-browser render differences on multiple browsers and operating systems. It utilizes a FireBreath plugin behind the scenes! Mogotest has assisted with the FireBreath project by providing testing, suggestions, and development tools for the core developers.

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