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Support FireBreath by purchasing your reference books through these links!

The following are books that members of the FireBreath Development Team have found useful in the development of FireBreath, along with a brief review of each one.  A small percentage of the purchase price of any books purchased using these links will go towards supporting FireBreath development.

Mastering CMake

From the Amazon Description: "This book contains instructions on how to download, install, and run CMake on many platforms including Linux (UNIX), Microsoft Windows, and Mac OSX. The internals of how CMake works and how it impacts your build scripts is covered. Instructions are provided for running the different GUIs including command line options and a separate chapter on using ctest (included with CMake) to perform software testing. A full reference of CMake's commands and variables with descriptions is included. "

Mastering CMake is a great book for any wishing to learn to better use CMake with any project, and we strongly encourage anyone who has this book to help improve the docs on specific to using CMake with FireBreath =]

Beyond the C++ Standard Library: An Introduction to Boost

This book is a fabulous resource for C++ developers (and particularly FireBreath developers) who want to learn more about using Boost to improve their programming skills. Among other things in this book are excellent coverage of many boost features used heavily by FireBreath, including:

  • shared_ptr and weak_ptr
  • boost::bind
  • boost::function
  • boost::lambda
  • boost::regex

We highly recommend this book to all FireBreath users!

Other good titles:

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