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This should be the final beta! The next release will be Release Candidate 1; as soon as we make it a week without anyone finding any major issues with a RC it will become the 1.4 release. We're very close, please help us test! If you're not on 1.4 yet, this would be a great time to move.

Changes since Beta 3:

  • Fixed a crash in BrowserStreams
  • Partial refactor of PluginWindowMac classes for consistency
  • Removed np_macmain.cpp and np_x11main.cpp from default projects
    • You can still provide these if you want, but unless you need to customize them it's recommended you don't
  • Fixed issue #133 - can't convert obj to primitive value in Chrome
  • Fixed compile errors experienced by some dealing with stdint.h
  • Fixed issue #132
  • Removed duplicate IsWindowless() function on PluginCore; standardized as it should be now with isWindowless()
  • Plugin coordinates in Mac OS have been standardized on top left
  • Fixed issue with log4cplus not getting included properly
  • Fixed a few potential deadlocks with mutexes new in 1.4
  • Updated NPAPI headers
  • Fixed issue #138
  • Fixed issue #137
  • Fixed issue #135
  • Fixed incompatibility with Opera; the default install still doesn't work, since Opera wants it machine-wide, but the plugin is now compatible again.
  • Added newlines to the ends of files where appropriate.
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