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After months of development and testing, we have now officially tagged and put out the first Release Candidate of FireBreath 1.4! To see all the (many) new features and fixes in 1.4 check out Version History.

Here is a summary of what has changed since 1.4 beta 4:

  • Fixed issue 141 - JSAPI objects released when the browser releases the scriptable object
  • Compile-time fix for VS2005 (thanks Mital!)
  • default RGS registry template changed to better support machine-wide installation
  • WiX integration updated
    • Machine-wide installation now supported
    • Now works with Visual Studio Express and vs2005
    • Default template now supports updates
    • Default template now supports friendly name
  • Fixed issue 142 - instantiating a plugin with new ActiveXObject(progid) not working
  • Fixed issue 143 - StaticInitialize() called on linux with no matching StaticDeinitialize()
  • Fixed issue 144 - fb_stdint.h conflicts with some other libraries
  • Fixed issue 145 - Crash on IE when many plugin reloads occur quickly
  • Minor code efficiency improvements (inlined functions that should be inline)
  • Added new cmake macros for code-signing on windows
  • Fixed misc link errors on linux (thanks, Dan!)

As you can see, most are either install related or fairly minor, so we should be very close to a release! If no critical bugs are found in the next week or two FireBreath 1.4 should be out by the end of February!