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We've had a great response from all of you and fixed several minor bugs and issues as well as a few edge-case crashes. We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of FireBreath 1.4rc2. Barring any showstoppers that you may find, we expect to release 1.4.0 sometime in the middle of next week (early March). We hope that you won't be able to find anything and RC2 will become the release, but we also hope you'll try!


  • PluginCore::Browser and PluginCore::OS are no longer public; use the accessors (also new) instead
  • We now include the BSD license text in the repo
  • Fixed issue #147 - possible crash on IE
  • Fixed issue using log4cplus with multiple projects in the same solution
  • Fixed issue #149 - crash when Safari calls globalinit a second time
  • Fixed issue #150 - InvalidateWindow incorrectly implemented on mac
  • Fixed issue #151 - Crash when returning a JSAPIWeakPtr
  • PluginWindowlessWin methods serialized for cross-thread access, fixed invalidateWindow on windows windowless plugins
  • Fixed issue #147 - On some configurations StaticDeinitialize not called on IE
  • Fixed a possible race condition on shutdown
  • Fixed a weird crash when moving an object tag around in the dom on IE (it may break the plugin still, but won't crash)
  • Fixed issue #153 - AsyncGET crashes for large web pages
  • Added support for Mac OS 10.4 (thanks physicsrob!)
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