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Google code is a great system, but some of the limitations of the wiki have caused us to look at other options. We are currently trying out Confluence as a possible replacement for the documentation system. Among other things, Confluence allows us to have an announcement blog, create UML diagrams easily, and just generally has a much nicer look and feel. Let us know what you think!
FireBreath has a new home page at The new site is powered by Confluence with a free open source project license courtesy of Confluence. What does this mean? Well, the documentation is a lot easier to manage now; anyone can contribute to the wiki without us needing to give them special permissions. We also can take advantage of great tools like Gliffy to create diagrams.…
FireBreath 1.3.0 Release Candidate 1 is released!  There are a lot of great improvements and there are a couple of small breaking changes.  Check out the Version History.
Special thanks to Georg who did pretty much all of this and I think may not have actually slept last night. FireBreath 1.3.0 RC2 is released and available for download. See the changelog for information on how to update your plugin: To update from RC1, basically remove FactoryMain.cpp, Win/FactoryMainWin.cpp, Mac/FactoryMainMac.cpp, and X11/FactoryMainX11.cpp. In their place, create a Factory.cpp…
This is a major release with a lot of new features!  Please check out the Version History page for a complete list of changes or the Download page to get it.  Pay particular attention to the breaking changes since 1.2.2! There are no breaking changes and only one minor bugfix since 1.3.0 RC3.
This is a minor bugfix release. There are no breaking changes, so no excuses!  UPDATE NOW! The fixes are primarily bugfixes, memory leaks, and a few crash fixes.  See Version History for the full list.
Here is the changelog: This is a very significant release and comes about a year after the first 1.0 release! There are a few minor breaking changes that are documented on that page. Please test! The stability of the release depends on how many people develop with it now and report any issues they may find. The tentative schedule for the release is in about a month,…
FireBreath 1.4 beta 2 has been released with several key improvements and fixes! Fix for crash and multiple AttachedEvent messages on Chrome Fix for FB_GUI_DISABLED on linux Added support for boost::tribool ! Fixed race condition with async calls and shutdown ! Windowless support on IE Fixed lifecycle-related memory leaks on IE (thanks jtojanen!…
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