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FireBreath 1.5.0 is officially released with only one serious issue found in the RC phase! This release has undergone some extraordinarily rigorous testing and is by far our most efficient and stable release yet.

Major new features include:

  • Completely refactored PluginWindowMac libraries with Mac drawing example in BasicMediaPlayer
  • Drastically improved memory usage efficiency when dealing with multiple JSAPI objects
  • Significant improvements to overall stability
  • Numerous memory leaks fixed
  • Support for POST requests in BrowserStreams
  • New "typesafe event" macro for creating helper methods for firing events to javascript
  • Significant improvements to the CMake structure (Breaking change!)

For a complete change list as well as information on the breaking changes (relatively few, but there are a couple), look at Version History.

Changes since FireBreath 1.5.0RC1