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variant FB::JSAPI::GetMethodObject ( const std::string &  methodObjName)

Gets a method object (JSAPI object that has a default method)

Often it is preferable with the plugins to have the API return a JSAPI object as a property and then call the default method on that object. This looks the same in javascript, except that you can save the function object if you want to. See FB::JSFunction for an example of how to make a function object

methodObjNameName of the methodObj.
The methodObj value
See Also

Reimplemented in FB::JSAPIAuto.

Definition at line 381 of file JSAPI.h.

381 { return FB::JSAPIPtr(); }
boost::shared_ptr< FB::JSAPI > JSAPIPtr
Defines an alias for a JSAPI shared_ptr (you should never use a JSAPI* directly)
Definition: APITypes.h:94
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