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After a (far too) long time waiting, FireBreath 1.6.0 has been released and is now officially considered stable.  There are only a few really minor changes since 1.6.0RC2 and no breaking changes from the 1.5 branch.

For the full list of changes since 1.5, please see the Version History page.

Changes since 1.6.0RC2

  • Fixed a compile error in log4cplus that cropped up in some really unusual cases on Mac
  • Removed the "main" entrypoint on Mac – this used to be required for Firefox support, but not since before 3.0, so it is unneccesary
    • This fixes the build error some were having with XCode 4.2
  • Fixed  FIREBREATH-134 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Missing include file affecting the HTTPService library under VS express
  • Fixed an intermittent bug in the PluginWindowlessWin class which occasionally caused the loss of resize events
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