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FireBreath is a framework that allows easy creation of powerful browser plugins. A plugin built on FireBreath works as an NPAPI plugin, ActiveX control (windows only), or Native Message Host (2015 Chrome and eventually FireFox) and support could be added for other plugin types built in C++ as well. This website for FireBreath 2.0 is still under heavy construction and is missing a lot.

These pages are editable by users! Please help us fill in the missing details!

Getting Started with FireBreath 2.0

Welcome to all potential new users!

Resources most likely to be of use to new users:

  • FireBreath 2.0 Class Reference - Reference documentation for every object or function you will be calling from your FireBreath plugin
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • FireBreath Issue Tracker - If you have feature requests or bug reports, file them here!
  • Live Chat - We're usually in the #firebreath IRC during business hours (GMT-0700) which you can join from your web browser using this page!
  • StackOverflow - Ask a question on StackOverflow with the tag "firebreath" and many firebreath developers and users will see it

NOTE: All documentation on this website is in Wiki format and can be edited by any user! If the docs aren't clear, please help us fix them!

This project is undergoing a major overhaul to support browsers in a POST-NPAPI world; please chip in where you can!

Project Sponsors

Please take a minute to visit our sponsors! These are companies or projects that have contributed significantly to FireBreath either monetarily, with code, or with experience. These organizations are also using FireBreath in some way.


GradeCam employs the primary developer of FireBreath (Richard) and allows him to work on FireBreath when there aren't fires to put out for them. GradeCam has some really amazing technology that is hosted in a FireBreath plugin that is changing the way that teachers get feedback from students in the classroom. GradeCam funded the primary development of FireBreath 2.0.

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  1. user-58d9e

    awesome,thanks for your work! look forward to it!

  2. user-282f4

    Really looking forward to it!

  3. available to make some tests. do you have a 2.0 version sample code?